Data erasure and security

High standards and secure handling of data:

We have high standards when it comes to data erasure and data security. Security when it comes to the handling of data is important, and we think it is essential that our customers – whether they sell or buy – get a sense of being secure when doing business with us.

World class IT security

When you sell your used IT equipment to us, we ensure you that all data will be deleted completely. We follow the directions from The Danish Data Protection Agency when we handle our customers’ data.

That way, you can be completely sure that the handling of your data from your used IT equipment will be safe and confidential. The deletion of your data from your used software will be one hundred percent safe and certified, and your sensitive data will stay confidential and protected.

Secure erasure of data


When data is erased according to the guidelines from The Danish Data Protection Agency, the opportunity to buy and sell used IT equipment safely arises. Here, you can be certain that the equipment will be completely empty from the company’s old and sensitive data.
Basically, the product will be completely stripped from everything that could be meaningful for your company. That is why it is safe to buy refurbished IT-equipment from AK7-IT A/S because we make sure that the products you buy for your company – public or private – will be secure to use and will not contain old material from the previous owner.

If you are interested in hearing more about data erasure and security, feel free to contact us – we are always ready to help and answer your questions about data erasure, safety, sustainable IT and secure acquisition and sales of used IT equipment.