Secure acquisition of public IT equipment

Secure trade with IT equipment

When a public business is looking to sell its used IT equipment, it is important that the IT security is in order. And by ‘in order’ we mean that it needs to be one hundred percent guaranteed that all data from all machines is deleted properly before we start to refurbish the equipment for a new customer who could use refurbished IT equipment.

Recycling of IT equipment from the public sector

We buy public IT equipment and refurbish it. That way, the equipment gets a prolonged life, and the refurbished IT equipment will do good somewhere else. Acquisition of used IT equipment is a growing trend as it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to sell and use IT equipment.

As a public sector, you can limit your environmental footprints by selling your IT equipment in order for it to be reused and get new life.

Types of IT equipment we buy:

  • Network equipment
  • Server / Storage equipment
  • Telecom equipment
  • Laptops / Desktops / Mobile devices

Data security

When you choose to sell your used IT equipment, you can rest assured that the data security will be the best. We make sure that the deletion of your data is secure, and you do not need to worry about your data ending up somewhere it is not supposed to be.

We have great experience with doing business with bigger companies – both private and public, and we promise you that all your data will be handled and deleted securely. If you press the button below, you can read more about data security and data erasure.