Secure acquisition of private IT equipment

Sustainable IT – providing new life to used IT-equipment

Are you looking to buy new IT equipment for your private business. Hold on, before you throw out your old IT equipment – usually, the IT equipment is not completely done, when we decide we need new equipment. Feel free to contact us and hear more about your opportunities and ask us any questions you might have.

Reusing IT equipment from private businesses

Reusing IT equipment is something that has grown on the users. When you reuse IT equipment, you give new life to the product. We buy and refurbish equipment from private businesses – this is a sustainable way to reuse equipment that is not completely done yet. That way, another business might find the equipment useful, and they will be able to buy it for less money.

Types of IT equipment we buy:

  • Network equipment
  • Server / Storage equipment
  • Telecom equipment
  • Laptops / Desktops / Mobile devices

Data security

We have great experience with buying used IT-equipment from larger companies – both public and private, where we ensure you that all data will be erased securely and correctly. That way, your company does not need to worry about your data ending up in the wrong hands. We will send reports and data deletion to you after we pull all the data from the IT equipment you sell to us.

This is also a security for you as a new customer – you can be certain that the equipment you buy from us is clean and ready to use.