Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT is a growing trend. As the focus on the environment is growing, we start to think differently and out of the box. When we do that, we figure out how we minimise the environmental footprints of the IT business. When IT is reused, not as much new IT is produced compared to the scenario where everyone bought new IT equipment when they needed it.

Used IT equipment gets new life and helps protect the environment

Used IT equipment can actually live longer than you might expect. AK7-IT A/S is specialised in buying used IT equipment and refurbishing it in order for it to be sold again and used by someone else.

When you are considering new IT systems for your company – public or private – you can actually make some money on it. Contact us and hear more about what kind of value your business’ used IT equipment could have for another company. Even though the products no longer have any value for your company, it might have some value for another company – that way, we help save the environment.

Sell your used IT equipment

We buy, sell or outlease IT equipment. If You would like to get a quote, please follow the link below and fill out the contact form.

Sustainable IT and recycling

We are always ready to help you if your company needs new equipment. AK7-IT A/S buys used IT equipment and gives new life in order for it to benefit a new user. We are very dedicated to our customer satisfaction and that is why we always do our very best to make sure our customers get great experiences when they do business with us – whether it is buying or selling.

When you buy an IT product from us, we guarantee you that you get a product that is treated correctly. Every time we buy IT systems, we make sure that the data safety and the erasure of the data happens in accordance with the directions from The Danish Data Protection Agency. That way, neither the selling part nor the buying part have to be concerned about the data ending up in the wrong hands.