Sell your used IT equipment

as easy as that!

1. You contact us with information about equipment.

2. You authorize the offer – Agreements of pickup time
3.The equipment will be picked up. Packing / cleanup possible on request.

4. We delete all data and issue the corresponding report.

5. Report on data erasure will be sent and payment will take place.

6. You’ve now got the most out of your used IT equipment.

Do you need a custom quote for your project? Feel free to contact us for more information and specialized estimate.

Sustainable IT

Even if your IT equipment no longer fulfills your needs, it might be possible that others find it useful. By recycling your used equipment, you spare the environment and thus ensure that your equipment is disposed of in an environmentally sound way. The IT industry is one of the industries with the largest negative impact on the environment, but by prolonging the life span of the equipment, the negative impact on the environment is reduced.

You can be a part of minimizing the footprint that the IT industry leaves on the environment by recycling your used IT equipment, and thus you can help create better conditions for the environment.


By selling your refurbished IT equipment to us, instead of throwing it out, you both spare the environment and earn money at the same time. Even if the equipment no longer holds any value to you, there may well be money to be made from the reselling the equipment regardless of condition and age.

Call us and get an indicative offer on the old equipment taking space in your storage. Selling the used equipment might turn out to be profitable.

How do we determine the value of the equipment?

The value of your equipment depends on several factors; age, type, model, quality and condition. This means that we cannot determine fixed prices on used equipment. Call us and we can have a noncommittal conversation regarding the value of your equipment, and thus find the best and most profitable solution for you.

Data erasure and security

When you decide to sell your refurbished equipment to AK7-IT A/S, we make sure that all data is completely erased in accordance with the Danish Data Protection Agency regulations. This means that you and your company can be 100 % confident that all sensitive data is erased.

By erasing the data in accordance with the Danish Data Protection Agency regulations, it is possible to resell the IT-equipment in a safe and responsible way, since all sensitive data is completely erased from the hardware. The data erasure is your guarantee that any information on the hardware is handled in a safe and responsible way.

Furthermore, we ensure that your characteristics such as your logo, company name and theft security are removed from the used IT equipment. This way we ensure that the equipment cannot be traced back to your company.

When your data has been destroyed, a certificate stating that all data has been removed in accordance with the Danish Data Protection Agency regulations, is offered.

You can read more about the requirements towards safely erasing data in the notice from the Danish Data Protection Agency regulations here.